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Veterans Day Q&A—Ray Givan

Ray Givan on a piece of Iraqi artillery during the retaking of Kuwait International Airport for Operation Desert Shield in late February 1991.

Q: What’s your military background?

A: I served in the Marine Corps from 1987 to 1995 and went to boot camp at Parris Island. My initial Military Occupation Specialty was Aircraft Recovery (MOS -7011), but I cross-trained in Armor (MOS -1812) M-60 Tank Crewmember, and as a Military Policeman (MOS 5811). I hav

e been stationed at Lakehurst, NJ; Iwakuni, Japan; Okinawa, Japan; Yeachon, Korea; Subic Bay in the Philippines; Fort Knox, KY; and Camp Pendleton, CA.

I was deployed to Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield in 1990-1991 and fought in the battle to retake Kuwait International Airport. I was U.S. Navy Reserve from 2006 -2012, where I was a Navy SeaBee Equipment Operator 1st. I was stationed in Jacksonville and deployed to the U.S.A border in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico three separate times to work with the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. I was also deployed to Beckley, WV where we built the Summit High Adventure Boy Scout Camp.

Q: What’s your history with Manson?

A: I have been with Manson for 11 years. I am the general superintendent of construction for the Gulf and East Coast region. I work out of the Jacksonville, FL, office but spend most of my time traveling to projects. I work with the construction division, as well as the heavy lift and dredging division.

Ray Givan loading out the cutter suction dredge FRANK BECHTOLT in the rain for the final time before it was sold.

Q: How does your military experience affect your life today?

A: The dedication to duty and sense of responsibility that was bestowed upon me in the Military has stayed with me all of my adult life and I am sure that I would not be the man

I have become had a chose a different path.

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