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Our Safety Culture 

Taking care of people is Manson’s most important core value, and our Safety Program is at the heart of how we take care of our employees—making sure everyone goes home safely each day.

Our commitment to continually improving our safety culture is a concerted effort from Manson personnel and industry partners who embrace the five parts of safety: planning, utilizing resources, training, employee engagement, and communication.

We approach every project with a safety plan that serves as a critical element to manage work element planning for onsite personnel, including crews, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Across decades of assessing safety risks on projects and implementing measures to prevent injuries, we have established an outstanding safety culture at Manson, where our employees proudly demonstrate safety knowledge and best practices.

Principles of Safety 

Stop work when conditions change or an unsafe condition is present

Employee commitment

and engagement  

Planning work

at all phases 

Training and educating

our personnel

Incident and Injury-Free (IIF™) Safety Program 

Manson’s Incident and Injury-Free (IIF™) Safety Program is a behavior-based process that fosters a safe, healthy, and environmentally sound workplace.

We provide IIF™ Orientation and Training sessions for Manson employees and subcontractors to empower everyone to champion safety. IIF™ training provides our people with the knowledge, tools, and authority to create and maintain a Safety First mindset on the jobsite and in their personal lives.

The IIF™ environment is a corporate mindset where no injury is acceptable, and safety is not optional. Safety is personal to each of us and is a way of life. We value and respect every worker. All injuries are preventable when safety becomes an everyday personal value.

Committing to an IIF™ environment is not just the right choice; it’s the only choice.


Stop Work Authority  

As part of Manson’s IIF™ journey, all personnel, regardless of experience or position, have the authority and obligation to speak up and stop work when a condition appears unsafe, or a safety concern is identified.

EVERYONE has the ability and the obligation to call an ALL-STOP if a safety concern exists.

Under NO circumstances will any form of retribution or intimidation directed at an individual or crew for exercising their Stop Work Authority be tolerated

When a significant intervention occurs, it is reported and documented to capture corrective actions and share lessons learned throughout the company.   


Manson’s commitment to protecting our people starts on Day 1 with a robust onboarding process that includes initial training on applicable hazards that are present in a variety of roles. Training extends beyond Day 1, with several opportunities for continued learning and knowledge growth through annual refreshers and advanced training to build upon skills, knowledge, and career advancement.


The success of our safety program relies on Manson employees who work hard each day to maintain a safe work environment. Management plays an active role in supporting the process by engaging onsite with employees who perform the work. 

Manson continually looks for ways to improve our safety culture. As part of that mindset, we constantly evaluate leading and lagging indicators to help identify where to focus our efforts. It is imperative that all employees provide positive contributions to our safety program.

Our commitment and support for safety continues to strengthen Manson's safety culture, with everyone working together to prevent injury and incident. We empower all our employees to be active participants and to speak up and make safe choices. Our safety culture is really all about taking care of our people—which is our most important core value.

John Holmes

Manson President & CEO

Safety Awards

Manson proudly demonstrates our safety successes and has been awarded the following recent accolades.


2022 AEU Safety Award 


2023 WEDA Award

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