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The Manson Vendor Portal (MVP), is a secure web portal where current vendors and businesses interested in working with Manson as subcontractors and suppliers provide information about their businesses. The MVP is a convenient and efficient way for vendors to share information to support Manson’s procurement efforts, Federal Contract compliance, and Small Business Program.

Key features of the MVP:

  1. Single data entry portal for Manson vendors

  2. Vendor entry of business data

  3. Data consistency

  4. Expedited annual update process

  5. Eliminates paper and electronic forms sent via mail and email

  6. Avoids re-entry of data by multiple Manson departments

  7. Collects payment processing information including W-9 securely, and

  8. Superior data organization to support procurement efforts

The MVP meets the cybersecurity standards of the Federal Government. Security protocols include physical and digital protections, two-factor authentication and encryption of sensitive information.

Notes about how to login and start the application process 

  1. This site uses two-factor authentication

  2. Users must utilize an SMS-enabled phone number

  3. One primary account per company

  4. Primary user can invite additional users

To learn more, download this document with Best Practices to get logged in and set up your account.

Vendors wishing to work with Manson should click below to go to the portal. Create a secure account access and begin to enter information to establish a profile.

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