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New Equipment—Increased Efficiency

The crew of the NJORD and the PETER M. positioned on the deck of the NJORD with the old 55 cubic yard (CY) Cable Arm bucket on left, and their brand new 55 CY bucket on the right.


One scoop of the 55 CY Cable Arm bucket is equivalent to approximately five dump truck loads.

Left-Right: Bryce Whitcom/Deck Engineer, Matt Rizo/Deckhand, Kyle Gardner/Deckhand, Elling Steinsvik/Tug Captain, Ryan Huffaker/Deck Engineer, Rod Kiefer/Crain Operator, Garrett Do/Deckhand, Matt Urqhardt/Deckhand, Lee Long/Deckhand, Robert Nooner/Deckhand, Drew Steverson/Crane Operator, Jeff Rickard/Tug

Captain, Steve Penick/Crane Operator, Brad Kirkland/Boat Captain, Front Center: Charlie Mann/Field Engineer.

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