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Message From the President—Investing in Our Future

John Holmes, President & CEO

Since the founding of our company in 1905 by Peter Manson, we have grown and adapted to meet the changes in our industry and the needs of our clients. As the capabilities of our industry advance, our markets are quick to take advantage of the innovations and new capacities. Remaining competitive requires continual evaluation of markets and regulations, followed by an investment of resources into the development of our people, our processes, and our equipment. In this issue of the Manson Navigator, we highlight our commitment to this effort—The Manson Learning Network (people), our new CMiC enterprise software (process), and the Rig Report (equipment).

Throughout the last two years, the Manson Learning Network (MLN) has made significant strides in providing learning resources and educating our personnel company-wide on a variety of topics through in-person and online workshops. The featured article on MLN will introduce readers to the department’s future plans that will sharpen our skills and competitive edge.

The article also highlights new programs and several updates to current programs such as the Manson Learning System (MLS), Core Learning Requirements (CLRs), and safety training.

As Manson moves toward the future, we understand the shift required to enhance our current operations. The introduction of Computer Methods International Corporation (CMiC), an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, will inherently change the way we conduct business operations. CMiC is the best fit for Manson as it provides us the option to consolidate our systems and ease several pain points we have with our current software. The CMiC article highlights our ongoing transition to CMiC and the software’s potential to elevate our business systems.

Additionally, readers will find several features on our vessels and crews. The Rig Report highlights the repowering of the derrick barge NJORD and maintenance on the hopper dredges BAYPORT and WESTPORT. In addition, we highlight our cutter suction dredge the RM WHITE and crew who maintains the waterways in Manson’s Gulf and East Coast region. The collection of vessel stories in this issue aligns perfectly with our core values and our current vision of investing in Manson’s future as an organization: “Take care of people. Do the right thing. Find a better way.”

Lastly, a big congratulations to our project teams who brought home awards and recognitions for projects in 2021 and 2022. Your hard work, dedication, and team collaboration to successfully complete these complex marine projects are the reason why we continue to be recognized for our work in the marine construction and dredging industry.

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