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Mentor Appreciation Month: David French and Gary Hendricks

Three men at a professional summit in Chicago, Illinois.
Mohammad Kanaan (left), David French (middle), and Ryan Gielow (right) at the World Demolition Summit in Chicago, Illinois.


I worked with David French on the Concrete Sill Removal Project in Jacksonville, FL for 12 months. I consider David a mentor because he is someone with professional and life experience that has provided me, as a young engineer who just started his career, with guidance and advice.

David has always made the effort to invest his time in my personal growth and professional development. David has a desire to see and help others succeed and possesses good questioning skills, people management, and leadership skills.

Even though Dave and I have not worked together directly for over a year, we remain in touch constantly and I am excited to work together again.

Submitted by: Mohammad Kanaan, Field Engineer

Two people wearing face masks.


Often times when I conduct an interview I am asked, “What do you like best about Manson?” My response is always, “Definitely the people. Manson hires very well.” I believe that you can find a mentor who has nothing to do with your department or direct career path and find fulfillment. In my case, my mentor is Gary Hendricks, Manson’s Chief Financial Officer.

This was a happy accident for me. I worked with Gary to coordinate the 2020 Multiple Sclerosis Manson Cares fund raiser and our relationship just kind of stuck from there. What I like about Gary is that he always provides a positive spin on the answers to the questions I might have for him.

Gary is a fantastic listener and sounding board, very honest and forthright, and carries the highest level of integrity I have seen in any one employee. I am very grateful to have someone to talk to if I find I need it.


Submitted by: Melanie Erdman, NW Operations Office Manager

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