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Manson Presented with AEU Safety Award

Manson Construction Co. has won the American Equity Underwriters (AEU) safety award the past two years in a row – for 2018 and 2019. The AEU administer Manson’s insurance through the American Longshore Mutual Association (ALMA).

Every year since 2007, AEU recognizes the ALMA member with the most effective safety program. AEU

presents awards to companies in seven different categories including large shipyard, medium shipyard, small shipyard, large stevedore, medium stevedore, small stevedore, offshore industry, marine construction, and advantage by AEU member.

Manson won the award in the marine construction category. The winner is determined by the following three factors: frequency of lost time cases, severity of lost time cases, AEU Safety Benchmark®. This benchmark is generated from AEU loss control inspections where the company is provided with a metric by which they may evaluate themselves on management commitment, supervisor participation in the safety program, effectiveness of the safety staff, and compliance with previous AEU loss control recommendations

Manson EHS Director Dave Howard was interviewed earlier in the year for a video AEU is putting together featuring all of last year’s winners. The previous year, the award was accepted by Dave Howard and Claims Manager Jan Lindsey at the annual ALMA conference.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility at Manson and this award demonstrates the commitment of Manson employees to a strong safety culture.

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