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All Hail the Mighty WOTAN

Illustration by: A. Leal de la Torre-Senior Graphic Designer

More famously known as “Odin,” Wotan is said to translate to “god of war.” Norse literature also describes Wotan as a harbinger of knowledge, a poet, an influencer, and an occasional trickster. Wotan’s intellect and influence is so powerful that it reaches both gods and mortals.

According to Norse mythology, Wotan prefers to associate with shaman-like warriors, rulers, and nobles. As the wisest and most respected god, Wotan has become the archetype of rulers for most Scandinavian regions. Embodying the finest qualities one can have, Wotan is worshipped by those who seek prestige, honor, and nobility.

Often referred to as the “Mighty WOTAN” by her crew, this Manson derrick barge has worked from corner to corner of the United States. She’s placed stone in Cook Inlet, Alaska; installed and decommissioned platforms in the Gulf of Mexico; and even participated in the recovery of the USS Monitor lifting the vessel’s turret from 240-feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

True to its name, the WOTAN garners respect and admiration on the water wherever she goes.

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