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A Manson Welcome - Improved Onboarding Processes Streamline New Employee Experience

Graphic by: A. Leal de la Torre—Senior Graphic Designer

Employment at Manson has grown more than 20% since 2016.

While a noteworthy accomplishment worth commemorating, this growth does provide us with some interesting challenges. How will Manson’s traditions shift in the modern age? How do we protect our company culture while addressing our need to make progress?

Since August 2020, a committee of HR staff, managers, and various corporate personnel have worked to create functional, company-wide updates to improve our onboarding systems – the processes we use when bringing a new employee into the organization. After the new release of our updates, it’s refreshing to look back on the steps we’ve taken to get here.

Initially, we set out to define our goals and concerns, understand the needs of new employees as well as their hiring managers, and test sample ideas. After reaching consensus, we began work on our first set of implementations designed to enhance the non-craft onboarding experience. Each implementation is rooted in one goal – identify weak areas in the onboarding process, and create a solution. For our first phase of updates, we knew we had to prioritize creating new hire documents and manager resources. Through the tenacity of our onboarding committee, we found a way to do both.

These updates included: a “New Hire Welcome Packet” chock full of orientation resources; a revamp of our New Hire SharePoint page, and brand-new onboarding resources for hiring managers. We’re also working with different teams to increase new hire engagement and improve internal communications at every stage of the onboarding process.

Along the way, committee members have chimed in to share their own thoughts on these implementations.

“I think the new Welcome Packet will be a lifeline for the new hire,” says Learning & Development Director Thomas Barrett, “[Since new hires] have lots of questions, it’ll be reassuring that many questions will have answers right there in one place.”

A major priority for the committee was to create a resource that provides consistent clarity. We found that our Welcome Packet’s strength is in its resilience: it’s a tool that maintains relevancy long after the initial onboarding is complete. Many of our upgrades offer a level of constancy – a necessary factor in an environment of continuous learning.

Additionally, for each update to our new employee onboarding timeline, there is a corresponding support mechanism for our managers. Whether this comes in the form of a supplemental document, a webinar, or an instructional event, the changes are just as much in support of the manager as they are the new employee. The beneficiaries of our changes are those involved in the hiring process – they certainly deserve consistent clarity as well. A large portion of our committee consists of these individuals, which lends confidence to the effectiveness of these resources.

“I am excited to see the structure of the system and the positive impact it will have on our new Manson employees,” says Manson Houma Office Manager Jennifer Jaccuzzo, who is often one of the first people to handle a new hire when they join the company in Houma, La.

As we first implement this new system with our non-craft employees, we will continue to gather ideas to regularly improve these systems for all employees across the company. In the coming months, we’ll refocus our attention on our craft employees, carrying our dedication to “find a better way” with us.

“Manson operations are diverse, but the reception and indoctrination of new employees should be the same whether you are a pile driver starting work in Jacksonville or an estimator starting at the Seattle office,” explains committee member and Learning & Development Specialist Carey Shannon. This sentiment is shared throughout the committee and means everything as we consider the impact of our onboarding updates. Our committee’s actionable care is something to celebrate as we consider what’s to come.

Actionable care is a familiar feeling for us at Manson. Our culture has always had a special element which makes it feel like family. Welcomes are warm, support is bountiful, and connection is a priority. We’re taking each step thoughtfully, working to create cohesion that matches the effortlessness of our care. Modernization may be on the horizon, but Manson values are here to stay.

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