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What Does Ethics At Manson Mean To You?

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Every November, Manson participates in the National Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week by hosting several activities that promote the importance of ethics and compliance. One activity this year fostered amazing conversations when Manson employees shared what it means to them to work for an ethical company. Below are some of the themes from our employees’ responses:

Strong Speak-up Culture: Manson has a strong speak-up culture which supports the stop work authority and responsibility that we all have. Employees are encouraged to voice our concerns, asking questions such as, “Hey, does this look right; Is this safe; Can we do it better?” Having a robust ethics program fosters a good working environment.

Trust and Relationships: Manson employees know we can rely on our colleagues to act truthfully, ethically, and with high integrity.

Business Partners: Manson’s reputation for quality, safety and fair dealing is appreciated by our clients, vendors, subcontractors, and regulators.

Personal Satisfaction: The way Manson embraces ethics makes it fun to come to work. We get to work in a place where we know we will never be asked to make decisions that are unethical. Peace of Mind: Acting and working for an ethical company gives us peace of mind and allows us to sleep well at night.

Values: A company that has high ethical standards cares about its employees. Having such a strong ethics culture has set the tone for many of our programs – including the DEI program and its ideals.

Integrity: We take a great deal of pride in the work we do and our history of integrity. Ethics at Manson means doing what we say we will do and delivering on our promises. Doing the Right Thing: Making the right decision early on saves headaches and problems later. When issues come up that just don’t seem right, we know there is time to stop and think before proceeding. We know it is important to find the most ethical way to solve the problem, with the best solution possible, and not just the fastest or cheapest way.

Policies and Procedures: Having a robust ethics program sets boundaries to protect us—and the company—from making unethical decisions. Our policies and procedures help us to stick to our core value of doing the right thing. Support: Ethics is a facilitator of the truth. Rooted in our core values—we know there is no grey area—which means we will always be supported in doing the right thing.

Transparency: There is nothing to hide. Working for an ethical company takes a lot of stress off the day-to-day decisions Manson employees make. We can be confident choosing to do the right thing, regardless of the impact to the schedule, cost, and the legal ramifications.

Personal Responsibility: Manson’s ethics and safety programs tends to trickle into our personal lives. When we see something on the drive home, on the news, or when it is time to make a personal decision, many of us think, “What is the Manson way?”

By supporting each other and encouraging our colleagues to do the right thing, we continue to build a reputation of trust and integrity at Manson.

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