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Our Lady FREYA

Graphic by: A. Leal de la Torre

Manson’s 67-ton derrick barge FREYA is named after the Norse god of love, beauty, and magic.

One of the premier Norse gods, Freya belongs to both the Aesir and Vanir tribes of gods. She is the daughter of the Norse god Njord and an unknown woman, although legend suggests that her mother is the pre-Christian goddess Nerthus. Freya is the sister of Freyr—the handsome god who is loved by all. Infatuated and loved by many of the Norse gods, her husband is none other than Odin—the all-father.

The legend of Freya can be summed up in four words: pleasures, thrills, beauty, and magic. There are numerous passages written on Freya’s behavior, but most describe her as a beautiful goddess who manipulates the health, desires, and prosperities of others. Compared to the other Norse gods, her knowledge and power are unmatched.

Freya is a faithful practitioner of Seidr, a form of Norse magic and shamanism. Seidr is a sorcery that gives the wielder the power to manipulate the fates of people and events. Freya’s role in Seidr led her to bring this ancient art to the Norse gods and their mortal counterparts, using magic to grant favor to their sides.

As the namesake of this majestic goddess, Manson’s 67-ton vessel is sure to bring continued favor and success.

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