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Mentor Appreciation Month: Sarah Ness and Laurie Pinard

In recognition of January as National Mentoring Month, Culture of CARE is sharing stories from Manson personnel about their experiences with mentorship.

An influential mentor can have the power to change the course of a mentee’s professional journey. Inclusiveness and diverse positive roles at the workplace improve retention of valuable talent, new recruitment, trust, and a safer work environment for all.


Two women on a crew boat.
Sarah Ness (left) and Shannon Dempsey (right) on their way to visit the hopper dredge BAYPORT.

Since day one of my Manson career, Sarah Ness, Manson’s Corporate Asset Specialist (and all-around Manson Historian) has been a beacon of light and guidance.

Whenever I struggle with a project or concern, she is the first one I turn to for direction and support. Not only is she a wealth of Manson information, but she is an extremely grounded and balanced person. I trust her intuition and judgment on just about everything. Sarah is always willing to help me tackle challenges (mostly ones that I’ve created) and has been a great source of encouragement over the last decade.

Thanks, Sarah!

Submitted by: Shannon Dempsey, Executive Assistant


Two women wearing hardhats on a beach.
Laurie Pinard (right) and Kristi-Lyn (left) at the USACE Duval County Beach Nourishment Project in Jacksonville, Florida.

Over the past six years, Laurie Pinard has helped me develop my professional career.

When I started at Manson, I was coming straight from law school and while I had some experience in other areas, I had no experience with the type of work Manson performs. Laurie has taught me everything about construction and contract law, sharing legal concepts and best practices, while fostering open communications and, at times, legal debates! Her breadth of knowledge and training has set me up for success in my role as Contracts Manager.

Whenever I have questions or need professional or personal advice, Laurie is always there to help and assist me in any way she can. She offers great support and truly cares about her team and this company.

Thank you, Laurie, for six wonderful years—I look forward to many more!

Submitted by: Kristi-Lyn Levesque, Contracts Manager

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