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Manson History: Rise of the VALKYRIE

Graphic by: A. Leal de la Torre

In this second installment of our “Manson History” series, we’re taking a look at the derrick barge VALKYRIE. Christened in 1984, the 135-ton vessel is named after the group of supernatural warrior women of Norse mythology.

In Norse mythology, Valkyries are protectors of the battlefield and hold the responsibility of determining a soldier’s outcome in battle. Fallen soldiers who are deemed honorable are taken to join the Norse God Odin in Valhalla, a ceremonial hall for those in the afterlife.

Known as the “goddesses of flight,” Valkyries are often depicted as powerful and elegant warriors who ride winged horses in battle. It is said that when away from battle, Valkyries roam the earth disguised as white swans. Should a Valkyrie give away their identity, they are banished as mortals and can never return to the halls of Valhalla.

As one of the most popular figures in Norse history, Valkyries hold the reputation of being loyal and honorable to their allegiance. Valkyries play an integral role in Norse mythology because they embody Odin’s wisdom and are extensions of his being.

For Manson, the name symbolizes a rise in honor and tradition, representing the company’s loyalty and dedication to its core values and people.

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