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Integrity Is the Key to Our Success

John D. Heckel, Corporate Ethics & Compliance Officer

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought change and, with that, a collection of challenges. We understand that changes can affect how we operate and that daily pressures such as deadlines and financial concerns can tempt us to take shortcuts or can be the root cause of ethical and compliance failures. For this reason, the directive from our Board of Directors and the messaging from Management is clear and consistent: we will always abide by the highest ethical standards, regardless of the circumstances. As a company, Manson has never defaulted on an obligation or failed to give the customer what they bargained for. Some might call it resilience, determination, or true grit; we just call it “doing the right thing.”

There is no doubt that we have had to change some of the ways we perform our work. There definitely has been less travel, and while we have learned we can successfully do many tasks remotely, we have a desire to get back to the office. A special thanks and shout out to all the employees in the IT department who kept us productive, whether we were working at the office, out in the field, or remotely.

We couldn’t have done it without your skills and dedication. Well done!

An extremely important contributing factor to our success as a company is our speak-up culture, which allows employees to be open and transparent. Manson employees are empowered to report any problem immediately, without fear of retaliation, which allows us to take early action to correct a problem. If an employee prefers to report any concern anonymously, that is easily accomplished through our third-party Lighthouse ethics and safety hotline.

When faced with a tough decision or ethical dilemma, we remind ourselves that “Integrity Is the Key to Our Success.”

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