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Manson Retirees - Winter 2022

Joe Hussin (left) and Manson President & CEO John Holmes (right) at the Seattle office holiday party.


After 25 years at Manson, former IT Director Joe Hussin is set to retire at the end of 2022. When Joe first joined Manson in 1997, he was one-man show taking care of all of the company’s IT needs. Under his leadership, Joe built Manson’s IT team and implemented many technological capabilities used by the organization today.

Of his many accomplishments, Joe played an integral role at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic by enabling systems and software for Manson employees to work remotely. Joe’s easygoing personality and humor will be missed by his colleagues, especially those who worked closely with him in the IT Department. He had the amazing ability to bring levity to difficult tasks by telling jokes to lighten the mood. Joe finished out his career at Manson as a Senior Advisor.

In his retirement, Joe will relocate to Florida with his wife Jeanne where they will enjoy fishing, biking, and tending to their dogs.

We wish you the very best, Joe!


NEWPORT Captain Jay Mayes (left) and Charlie Omo (right) pose with Charlie's 25-year Manson watch.


With more than 25 years of service, Dragtender Charlie Omo retired at the end of his rotation on the hopper dredge NEWPORT in June 2022. Originally from Hawaii, Charlie lived in Oregon when he joined the NEWPORT crew as an able seaman in 1996. Working with Captain Jay Mayes during his early years on the dredge, Charlie would eventually work his way up to the position of drag tender. Known for his exceptional welding skills, Charlie contributed to all critical fabrication on the NEWPORT.

According to Captain Paul Rubin, Captain Jay, and the rest of the NEWPORT crew, Charlie will be remembered not only for his hard work as a dragtender and great welder but as a good fellow and shipmate.

Happy retirement, Charlie!


Larry DaVico celebrates his retirement with pop and a strawberry cake.


Larry DaVico, who retired earlier this year in July, has been an integral part of Manson for more than 15 years and has worked in the dredging industry for 50 years. Larry’s contributions and positive attitude will always be remembered and valued by those who worked with him. Upon his retirement, Larry said he is thankful for the opportunities dredging has presented and the places he has traveled over the course of his career. One of Larry’s most memorable projects at Manson was his very first—the Port St. Joseph Beach Renourishment project in 2007-2008. Following several active hurricane seasons, Port St. Joe had sustained a vast amount of erosion causing homes to slip into the surf. Manson arrived onsite and swung into action, working day and night to rebuild the beach.

Larry is best known for his in-depth knowledge of the dredging industry, his yellow Corvette, his Friday Hawaiian shirts, and above all else, his positivity and contagious smile. Larry has been a friend, mentor, and resource to many at Manson and will be missed by everyone.

Congratulations to Larry on an outstanding dredging career and we wish him all the best in his retirement!


Two men in high visibility vests standing in front of sports cars with the hoods open.
Larry and Dwight showing off their vehicles at a car show.

Dwight Henson smiles with his "Retirement Cookie."


The Learning & Development Department (L&D) will be losing a cornerstone member of the team. Dwight Henson will retire at the end of 2022 after 11 years at Manson. Dwight’s career spanned many decades that included work as a carman, bridge mechanic, pile driver, and foreman. No matter what position Dwight held, he was always a teacher at his core.

Known as “Brother Dwight” to many of his co-workers at Manson, Dwight is a man who always wears a smile when he’s helping others learn. His gentle nature and sense of humor puts everyone at ease.

Dwight is someone to lean on when you need assistance with a variety of projects, according to IT Director Kerly Olivares Taipe. He shows great determination to learn new processes to get the job done and has a knack for keeping people in a good mood when tasks get stressful.

Dwight’s connection to Manson began in late 2006, when he taught a rigging class at the Seattle office while working for Industrial Training International. Many rigging classes later, Dwight hired on with Manson in 2011.

Dwight worked with the Environmental, Health, and Safety Department, where he revised the rigging procedure, provided rigging training, and created a safety video for line handling safety with the help of hopper dredge GLENN EDWARDS Captain Ken Penwell, production company Moxie Media, and several other Manson Personnel. He also worked with a consultant to develop Manson’s first online new hire safety orientation and an entire suite of online safety courses which are still in use today. In 2018—as a fun safety side gig—, Dwight and Dredging Contracts Administrator Larry DaVico hosted a “Cars and Coffee” event to provide instruction on tire safety, properly jump-starting a car, and general vehicle maintenance.

In 2020, Dwight—a man of many firsts—transferred to Manson’s newly formed L&D, where he helped establish Manson’s first use of a Learning Management System (LMS) called “Talent LMS.” He also pioneered Manson’s use of Adobe Connect virtual classroom as a producer and developer. In addition, Dwight assisted the IT Department to administer cybersecurity training.

Dedicated to educating others throughout his career, Dwight will now become a student of his newest subject—retirement.

Those who worked with Dwight will miss their “partner-in-crime” along with the occasional “fan mail” and “kudos cookies” emails sent by Dwight congratulating them on a job well done.

Showing no signs of slowing down in his retirement, Dwight plans to drive his beloved Porsche “Speedy” with his wife Nancy along the Pacific Coast Highway. He is also excited to set new personal bests at the Daytona International Speedway.

Congratulations, Dwight!

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