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Message from the President—Taking Care of People

three men wearing hardhats taking a selfie on a job site
Manson President & CEO John Holmes and Chairman of the Board & Executive Vice President Fred Paup take a selfie at the build site of the new hopper dredge FREDERICK PAUP in Brownsville, TX. (L-R) Jordan Brown, Project Manager; John Holmes, and Fred Paup.

Manson’s success and reputation as an industry leader have always been tied directly to the quality of our people, so it follows that Manson’s most important core value is Taking Care of People. As you would expect, our safety program is at the heart of how we take care of our employees. Making sure everyone goes home safely each day is our primary responsibility. Once again, Manson has received the AEU’s prestigious maritime safety award, and although we are honored to receive such peer recognition, we must continue our commitment to improving our safety culture. We have learned our safety responsibility must also include an awareness of the impacts of employee mental health, especially for our industry. In this issue, we discuss the importance of advocating for mental health in our workplaces.

But Taking Care of People goes beyond our safety program. It includes creating opportunities for our employees to improve their skills and to advance their careers. We provide these opportunities for growth through our training programs, challenging work assignments and co-worker mentoring. Another important element is to provide an inclusive work environment where people feel valued and encouraged to contribute their talents and ideas. This holistic approach to Taking Care of People is what, I believe, sets our company apart and provides the greatest benefit to our employees and our organization.

This year Manson recorded its highest annual work volume in company history. I would like to thank all our employees for their continued efforts and commitment to our company. Our crews continue to perform their work skillfully, providing quality projects to our clients. I would also like to specifically recognize the efforts of the Offshore Group, as they successfully mobilized a second offshore operation this past season to serve the needs of our offshore clients. I hope you enjoy their story and our other features in this edition of the Manson Navigator.

John Holmes, President & CEO

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