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Civil Spotlight—Fireboat Station 20

A construction crew on a jobsite at the Port of Long Beach.
An early look at the construction of the new Fireboat Bay enclosure at the Fireboat Station 20 Pier D Berths 50-51 project at the Port of Long Beach in Long Beach, California.

The Fireboat Station 20 Pier D Berths 50-51 project at the Port of Long Beach (POLB) is familiar territory for Manson. With over 30 years of experience working at POLB, Manson has been instrumental in upgrading and installing marine structures at one of the world’s busiest ports. Manson was subcontracted by Pinner Construction to assist with the construction of a two-story fire station, fireboat bay enclosure, floating dock, and other amenities.

When Nicole Egli arrived onsite for the Fireboat Station 20 project at POLB in March 2021, she knew there was something different about this assignment. This is Nicole’s first project to spearhead as Project Manager, marking a significant milestone in her career. “After speaking with my supervisors and thinking it over, I knew I was ready to be project manager for the Fireboat Station 20 project,” Nicole explains. “My time at Manson has afforded me the opportunity to be a part of enough meetings to understand the scopes of varying projects.”

Two people examining a 3-D model.
Project Manager Nicole Egli and Superintendent Jerry Gienger examining a printed 3-D model that will help communicate qualitative concepts about the formwork.

With over 10 years at Manson, Nicole’s new role is the culmination of her early days as a field engineer on projects such as the SR520 Evergreen Point Floating Bridge in Seattle and the Port of Redwood City Wharves 1 & 2 in California.

“My past project experience has exposed me to several areas of marine construction which allowed me to learn about things like pile driving, civil builds, backland work, and excavation,” Nicole says. “The project manager role allows me to take all of what I’ve learned and teach it to others. I like making decisions and coordinating with teams to see which personnel is the right fit for the different project phases.”Alongside Nicole, Manson has assembled top talent to assist with the work at POLB.

With the variety of tasks required for the project, personnel from Manson’s Southern California operations were called upon to join the job. Superintendent Jerry Gienger brings over 50 years of industry experience to the project and has been a guiding hand for the field engineers on the job.

Field Engineer Edwin Grajeda arrived at POLB in October 2021, after finishing up the Everport Berths 226-236 Terminal Improvements project at the Port of Los Angeles. Field Engineer John Enverga joined the team in March 2021 when the project first began.

“The team at POLB is a prodigious front of knowledgeable people who are experts in what they do,” John explains. “On this project alone, I’ve been able to learn how industry standards are accomplished and how to overcome challenges because of the experience of the group we have here.”

The port has seen its fair share of Manson projects and personnel, but things are different this time around. As the subcontractor for Pinner Construction, the Manson crews at POLB have to meet particular contractual obligations and schedules to complete the project phases. At certain points of the project, the project team and crews will have to wait for the other subcontractors to finish up different portions of the job. “There will be times when we will need to leave for a short while, but we’ll come back to POLB to finish what needs to be done on our end,” Edwin says.

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