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Our People Are the Difference


A group of people touring a jobsite.
Pier 6 visit (L-R): Fred Paup, Travis Remick (Liberty), Laurie Pinard, Marianne Luft (Liberty), Cameron Bedard (Propel), John Holmes, and Jim Binder (Propel). PHOTO CREDIT | JACK FERNANDEZ—PROJECT MANAGER

Manson enjoys a reputation as one of the best marine construction and dredging companies in the industry. That reputation has been earned over many years through the work we perform and the relationships we have built with our clients. It all starts with our project teams and our highly skilled crews, some of the most experienced and professional in the business. In this edition of the Navigator, we feature articles on three of our crews, the Valkyrie Piledriving Crew, the Derrick 24 Heavy Lift Crew and the E.P. Paup Offshore Crew. These crews, as with all our Manson crews, do great work, consistently planning and safely executing their work activities.

In this edition, we also recognize several groups at Manson who often work behind the scenes in support of our project teams. We include a feature on our vessel dry docking program, just one of the many responsibilities of the equipment department, who maintain our marine equipment fleet. We also highlight work from our Learning and Development Department, the Survey Group and our Business Operations Team. These groups are all part of our larger effort to ensure our projects have the support, resources and equipment they need to be successful.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all our Manson employees for their continued support of our IIF™ Safety Culture. This year, our safety performance as measured by standard industry statistics, are some of the best in company history. This is only possible through the dedication of our employees who work daily to prevent injuries and incidents. It has taken a lot of work to get where we are today, but I am confident we can continue to improve with all your support.

John A. Holmes, President & CEO

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