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Message from the President— Diversity, Culture, and Care. Winter 2021 Navigator

It seems that 2021 has shaped up to be no less challenging than last year, given the recent impacts of Hurricane Ida and the continuing battle with COVID-19. I want to thank all our employees for their support and dedication as we work to overcome these challenges. The Fall 2021 issue of the Navigator provides readers with a variety of stories that serve as a reminder of Manson’s commitment to its core values: Take care of people; Do the right thing; and Find a better way.

This past spring, Manson continued its pledge to support AGC’s Culture of CARE initiative, which is dedicated to strengthening construction organizations through diversity and improving recruiting programs, work environments, and career advancement opportunities. It’s no secret that Manson’s success and reputation is based on the strength of the organization and its people. The Culture of CARE initiative is very much aligned with Manson’s values and will be a benefit to our employees and organization. In this issue of the Navigator, John Heckel interviews Melanie Erdman, who leads Manson’s Culture of CARE efforts.

In 2014, as a founding member of Safety Week, Manson teamed with industry peers in recognizing the need for a coordinated effort to improve safety performance in the construction industry by changing safety culture and sharing safety knowledge and best practices. This year, despite social distancing and other COVID-19 restrictions, Safety Week at Manson proceeded with activities and presentations across the company. The industry theme, “Holistic Safety,” which focused on mental health and wellness, was especially relevant this year, given the struggles and challenges our employees and families have faced during the pandemic. This often unspoken health issue needs to remain a focus of our safety program.

Throughout our history, Manson has excelled on the unique and more challenging marine projects, projects made more difficult by site logistics, specialized equipment requirements, or complexity of operations. These challenges can be overcome by the experience and resourcefulness of our staff and crews. The Jacksonville District USACE Concrete Sill Removal Project, which is highlighted in this edition, is a great example of such a project. Months of planning, vetting, and re-planning (“Find a Better Way”) successfully paid off with a safe and well-executed operation. Congratulations to the entire project team!

John Holmes

Manson President & CEO

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