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Manson at Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day 2023

Manson’s derrick barge DERRICK 6 in Lake Washington near the Univeristy of Washington’s Husky Stadium. Photo credit: Drew Edwards—Heavy Lift and Marine Superintendent

For more than 35 years, Manson has assisted the Seattle Yacht Club with its annual Opening Day celebration—the first day of Seattle’s boating season. The event often consists of water activities, including crew races, sailboat racing, and a boat parade to celebrate important occasions.

Manson’s Heavy Lift and Marine Superintendent Drew Edwards and the DERRICK 6 crew—Graydon Bennett, Jason Prohaska, Frank Pineda, Robin Winsley, Matthew Moldenhauer, and Jim Heather—continued the tradition by setting the log boom anchors and buoys for Opening Day 2023. The log boom offers moorage for vessels to catch a waterside view of the Opening Day festivities.

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