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Women in Construction Week 2023 Wrap Up

A recap of Manson's regional offices celebrating Women in Construction Week with activities and team-building events.

(L-R): Line Chan, Matt Lehmann, Pete Hernandez, Renee Williams, Charline Mann, Jessica Heath, Chris Schaeffer, Nicole Egli, April Clement, Alex Kolessar, and William Ferrell.

Manson’s Richmond Office celebrated WIC Week with a three-group axe-throwing competition between Team Dredging, Team Civil, and Team Women!

The 18th Ave. North Ocean Outfall project celebrated WIC Week by hosting a site visit for the women of DDC Engineers, Traffic Control Solutions, and the City of North Myrtle Beach.

The Jacksonville office concluded WIC WEEK 2023 with a luncheon catered by a local women-owned business.

Pier 6 Project Administrator Cha Hanna leading a discussion on the importance of promoting and supporting women in construction at Manson’s 3rd Annual Naval Base San Diego Luncheon. In attendance are several members from the Pier 6 team, NAVFAC Southwest, and subcontractors.

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