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New Wares: United in Safety

A tugboat crew trying on new hardhats.
Members of the Seattle Yard crew trying on their new hard hats. Pictured left to right: Dan Ross, Tony Perez, Jimmy Bryant, Blake Russell, Randy Thorsen, and Jeff Perez.

Coinciding with Construction Safety Week 2022, Manson is rolling out new head protection for all personnel across the company this week.

Employees will have the option of selecting a full-brim or cap style MSA V-GARD hat, which is known for its comfort, quality, and durability. One of the many safety benefits of the new head protection is the ability to actively track its lifespan, as is it suggested to replace the suspension system every 12 months and the outer shell every five years. Should it be discovered that the hard hat is damaged, excessively worn, impacted, penetrated or lacks electrical resistance, it will be removed and immediately replaced.

In addition to the MSA V-Gard hard hat, employees have the option to request a climbing-style helmet. Climbing-style helmets are quickly becoming a trend in head protection throughout the construction industry. One benefit of the climbing-style head protection is the chin strap which helps secure the helmet to the user’s head. The helmets come in a variety of makes and models with the option to attach accessories such as face shields and ear muffs.

Should a Manson employee be interested in obtaining a climbing style helmet, they should consult with their supervisor and local EHS representative to get the best suitable product to fit their needs.

The new head protection offers a fresh look that moves away from the “color-coded” hard hats used to identify individual project roles. All personnel will now wear white head protection, which aligns with this year’s safety theme: “United in Safety. Connected. Supported. Safe.”

The measure hopes to increase morale across Manson project sites. Employees will have their name printed on a sticker placed at the front of their chosen head protection, just below the Manson logo. Any additional stickers must be authorized and approved by the EHS department.

A tugboat crew at a marine yard in Seattle.
Members of the Seattle Yard crew standing in unity in front of the derrick barge NJORD. Pictured left to right: Eric Rackl, Jimmy Bryant, Tony Perez, Dan Ross, Jeff Perez, and Randy Thorsen.

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