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Mentor Appreciation Month: Nicole Egli and Melanie Erdman

A woman posing for a photo.
Nicole Egli, project manager


I worked with Nicole Egli on the WETA Richmond Ferry Terminal Project and MOTCO Pier 2 Project. Nicole is a trailblazer and has paved a path for so many young field engineers who she builds up and brings along the way. She leads with respect, wisdom, and care.

Nicole continues to be an inspiration, role model, and friend to me. She has given me strength at times when I couldn’t find it in myself.

Thank you so much, Nicole.

Submitted by: Ellen Heile, Project Engineer

Two people in an office.
Melanie Erdman (left) and Nick Yuen striking a pose (right) in the Seattle office.


I have worked with Melanie Erdman for about four months now. I am still new to Manson, and she has really helped me in trying to understand how Manson maintains our compliance posters and what goes into the process from both an HR perspective and an Operations perspective.

I like her persistence in getting the work done, how quickly she answers back, her patience for when I have made mistakes, teaching me how to correct my mistakes and what to look for, and her overall knowledge and expertise of the process.

Thank you, Melanie!

Submitted by: Nick Yuen, HR Coordinator

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