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Mentor Appreciation Month: Chris Eagle, Ryan Gielow, and Harold Miles

In recognition of January as National Mentoring Month, Culture of CARE is sharing stories from Manson personnel about their experiences with mentorship.

An influential mentor can have the power to change the course of a mentee’s professional journey. Inclusiveness and diverse positive roles at the workplace improve retention of valuable talent, new recruitment, trust, and a safer work environment for all.


A group of people at Naval Base San Diego.
Chris Eagle (middle, red collar shirt), Ellen Heile (right), and others from the Pier 8 Project Team at Naval Base San Diego for the Pier 8 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Chris Eagle is one of the smartest and most skilled people I know. He has shown me how to be tough and compassionate at the same time.

Chris has stuck up for me in some trying situations and I know I can trust him with anything. Chris is able to bring the most out of every person he works with and constantly inspires people to exceed their own expectations.

I will forever reference the “Eagle Tips” that I logged in my field book in hope that I can reflect some of his wisdom.

Submitted by: Ellen Heile, Project Engineer

Three people at a professional summit in Chicago, Illinois.
Mohammad Kanaan (left), David French (middle), and Ryan Gielow (right) at the World Demolition Summit in Chicago, Illinois.

Ryan Gielow

I consider Ryan a mentor because he has helped me with my career path development and shared his own experiences. Ryan has a strong desire to engage with others on an interpersonal level, which has built a strong relationship between us even outside the workplace.

There is no place for prejudice with Ryan which proves to me he is capable of being a mentor to all. Lastly, I enjoy speaking with Ryan about marine construction because of his knowledge of the industry we work in.

Submitted by: Mohammad Kanaan, Field Engineer

Two people discussing work plans on a cutter suction dredge.
Harold Miles (right) reviewing work plans on the H.R. MORRIS.

Harold Miles

I’ve worked with Harold Miles for 16 years on the dredge H.R. MORRIS. With his guidance, Harold has helped me learn the ins-and-outs of the job. The one thing I enjoy most about our mentor-mentee relationship is hearing the endless stories that Harold has to tell.

Thank you, Harold!

Submitted by: Kevin Canales, Tech Captain

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