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COVID-19 Policy Update

COVID-19 Policy Update (June 30, 2020)

It has now been well over four months since we were first challenged by the onset of the COVID-19 viral pandemic.  Since then, the impacts to our society have been enormous, but I am very proud that as an essential business, we have continued to operate and serve our clients while protecting the safety and health of our employees.  At the time, I think we all thought by now we would be returning to something close to normal until a vaccine becomes available to the general public.  More specifically, a month ago we were planning the process of transitioning into an extended period of reduced COVID-19 risk, a period where restricted travel and remote work policies would be re-evaluated based on guidance from Federal and local authorities.

Throughout this entire period of pandemic, we have continually reassessed our policies and procedures as conditions change and we get better information and guidance.  The process of reassessment continues, especially with the recent upturn in new cases across the country.  Although we all hope for an eventual reduction in risk and number of cases, recent events underscore how uncertain that timing will be.

So in regards to Manson’s COVID-19 policies and procedures, we will continue to remain responsive to changes and to manage the risks at the regional level with overall coordination and case management at the corporate level.  Please continue to follow the guidelines and procedures as messaged from your regional leadership as they respond to local conditions.  Social distancing, employee screening and sanitation will remain top priorities.

This has been a long and sometimes exhausting challenge, though as it continues, we will not be distracted from performing our work safely and preventing injury.  We have accomplished much the last four months, showing our ability to adapt the way we work in response to a viral pandemic.  I want to thank you all for your efforts and continued support.


John Holmes, President and CEO

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