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Challenges, Changes, and Perseverance

This has been a year filled with unanticipated challenges, but also a year where Manson has overcome those challenges and continued to successfully operate and serve our clients. The Manson Navigator has always served as a means of acknowledging the contributions of our employees, which is especially appropriate for this issue. You may also notice that our marketing team has been transitioning the

Manson President & CEO John Holmes

organization and content of the Navigator. For this Fall 2020 issue, we have shifted to feature-focused, in-depth coverage of selected topics. In addition, more regular updates can be found on Manson’s LinkedIn and on our new website blog. We hope you enjoy the new format and alternative sources of information.

Throughout our history, Manson has maintained a reputation for the best people and best equipment in the industry. Following that tradition, in October 2020, Manson announced the construction of its new hopper dredge FREDERICK PAUP, which will soon commence at the Keppel AmFELS shipyard in Brownsville, TX. Also following Manson tradition, the dredge design is a culmination of more than a decade of planning and collaboration by Manson personnel. Their technical expertise and operational experience informed a design with superior dredge performance and special attention to crew access and safety. When completed in 2023, the new dredge—at 15,000 cubic yards capacity—will be the largest self-propelled hopper dredge in the U.S.A., and the largest single equipment investment in Manson’s history.

As we began the year, I doubt any of us anticipated the impact COVID-19 would have on our industry or our country. But with core values and a safety culture founded on “taking care of our people,” I believe we rose to the challenge, adapting the way we work in order to continue operating while keeping our employees safe. Those efforts will continue, and I once again want to thank all of you for your commitment to our safety culture and keeping yourselves and coworkers safe. In this edition of the Navigator, we highlight three Manson employees who took the time to identify and report either a hazardous condition or near miss incident. Hazard/Near Miss reporting provides training opportunities for the rest of the organization and is a key element in the effort to improve our safety performance and safety culture.

Lastly, this edition of the Navigator includes a feature on our IT group. Although most of their work is done behind the scenes, they provide the technology and IT infrastructure that allows the rest of us to be productive and our company to be competitive. Their ability to adapt to new challenges in support of our operations was never more evident than during this pandemic. They provided the technology, hardware, and training as our organization quickly transitioned into a world of remote working arrangements and virtual meetings. In more normal times, they often travel to remote sites or work off-hours to support our company while minimizing disruptions. Many thanks to this dedicated Manson team.

John Holmes

Manson President & Ceo


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