Owners and Representatives

Manson understands the need for good working relationships with owners and representatives of clients and other firms. These are our point of contact, to whom we exchange information and facilitate proper channels of communication through.

We provide detailed and updated information to our owners and representatives aiding with evaluations, delivery methods and schedule adaptions as well as plan reviews, alternate project delivery decisions and other important aspects of a project. Our aim is to encourage an excellent level of communication between parties to ensure the successful completion of any project.


Design-Build Partners

Who we work with:

The federal government, port authorities, departments of transportation, state and city municipalities, water districts, private corporations, design firms.

How we work with them:

At Manson, we believe that client partnering is a solution for success. We collaborate with our clients, not only during the construction phase, but also throughout the project turnover and project pre-planning. We work to be transparent in our communication and responsive to our all our client’s needs.

We regularly work with design firms, whether client selected or as part of a design-build partnership to provide the most effective and safely constructed results. We work together with designers to develop work means and methods, lead constructability reviews, and brainstorm together ways to incorporate safety directly into the project’s design.