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Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project

Long Beach, CA


    Wharf/Backlands Redevelopment Piers D, E, & F, Phase 1, Stage 1

    • Construction of a new 2,800 LF concrete wharf
    • Cutter suction dredging with the H.R. MORRIS to deepen and widen the ship channel
    • Land fill construction, stone slope protection and retention dikes
    • New electrical and communication infrastructure

    Pier E, Berths E25-E27, Wharf/Backlands, Phase 1, Stage 2

    • Clamshell dredging the ship channel
    • Placement of rip rap for slope protection
    • Construction of a new 1,400 ft. long concrete wharf
    • Installation of a precast concrete sheet pile bulkhead

    Pier E Terminal Redevelopment, Slip 1 Fill and Berth D28 Demolition

    • Wharf and bulkhead demolition
    • Clamshell dredging using the VALHALLA
    • Contaminated sediment dredging
    • Rip rap slope protection

    Pier E Terminal, East Basin Fill, Phase 3

    • Wharf demolition
    • Combination clamshell and cutter suction dredging
    • Land fill construction

    Pier E, Berth E22, Wharf/Backlands, Phase 3, Stage 3

    • Wharf demolition including blasting a buried quay wall
    • Rock dike construction
    • Construction of a new pile-supported concrete wharf


    2014 | Port of Long Beach | Community Partner Award
    2014 | City of Long Beach | Community Partner Award


The Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project was a multi-stage project that turned two aging shipping terminals into one “mega terminal” allowing the Port of Long Beach the capacity to handle more than 2 million additional containers. Manson and its joint venture partner were awarded five major contracts to construct this project for the Port.

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