Manson Construction

Safety Program

At Manson, we use our Incident and Injury-Free (IIF ) Culture as a means to ensure a safe, healthy and environmentally sound workplace; this is a behavior-based process that encourages and empowers us all to champion safety for ourselves and the people around us. We train our employees that they are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. We hold them accountable for preparing work plans, developing Job Safety Analyses (JSA), and for stopping work if necessary to eliminate a hazard before it causes an incident or injury.

In keeping with IIF culture, Manson’s approach to ensuring and monitoring safe work practices for all workers includes integrating subcontractors into our safety culture. On Manson’s projects, subcontractors are indoctrinated in our IIF culture where safe production, not safety and production, is our motto. Safe production means that our employees instinctively incorporate safety from the pre-bid process right down through the implementation of our work plans. It means our employees are not only empowered but are compelled to speak to an unsafe or unhealthy work practice or condition. It means that we will protect the environment during the execution of our work plans. It means that our employees, subcontractors and worksite visitors will return home to their families each night absent a workplace injury or illness.

Since 2004, Manson has been working with JMJ Associates to develop and improve our IIF™ culture. Incident and Injury-Free™ and IIF™ are trademarks of JMJ Associates. All rights reserved.


Manson is proud to be one of 40 firms sponsoring Safety Week 2018. Safety Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of safety in our industry, in our workplace and in our personal lives. It is a time dedicated to reflect on our industry’s safety achievements and to reinvigorate our commitment to sending employees home safely – every day. Safety week encourages idea sharing among construction firms to focus on safety at the industry level, not just at the company level.

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