Four Pile Removal with a Jacket Reef GI 78 A

Gulf of Mexico

Project Features

  • Manson removed the platform with the derrick barge E.P. PAUP
  • Lift weights varied from 50 tons to 700 tons
  • Water depth: 185’
  • Project site located 30 miles offshore
  • The structure was towed to a designated site, placed on the seafloor and toppled to a horizontal position as part of an artificial reef

Project Purpose

This project involved decommissioning a four-pile oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The topside of the structure was removed and scrapped while the jacket and pile structure was towed to an artificial reef site as part of a program called Rigs-to-Reef. This program is an ecological way to recycle these structures as they provide new habitats for fish and marine mammals.

Services Provided