SFOBB Pier Demolition- Phase 2, Piers E4-E18 Foundation Removal

Oakland, CA

Project Features

  • Removal of timber fender system
  • Mechanical demolition of above-water concrete structures
  • Controlled implosion of below-water concrete structures


Awards and Recognition:

2018 |  Association of General Contractors | Excellence in Partnering Award

2018 | Demolition & Recycling International | World Demolition Award – Collaboration

2018 | Demolition & Recycling International | World Demolition Award – Best Overall


Project Purpose

This 19-month-long project demolished 15 foundations of the old San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, including two 60’ by 90.5’ concrete caissons (Piers E4 and E5) and 13 concrete piers supported on timber pile (Piers E6 through E18). The underwater portions of the piers were removed through explosive blasting which required extensive coordination with multiple stakeholders and working within strict environmental permit restrictions. With detailed and extensive planning, the project team was able to reduce the number of blast events from 15 to 8, resulting in the project being completed 12 months ahead of schedule and with a cost saving of $20 million.

Services Provided