Port of Redwood City Projects

Redwood City, CA
  • Wharves 1 & 2 Replacement
  • Wharves 3 & 4 Fender Replacement

Project Features

Wharves 1 and 2 Replacement

  • Design-build
  • Demolition of the existing wharves
  • Construction of a new 426’ long concrete wharf
  • Pile driving 108 24” concrete piles
  • Seawall construction


Wharves 3 and 4 Fender Replacement

  • Nine 66” diameter steel monopile breasting dolphins installed at Wharf 3.
  • Repaired six concrete breasting dolphins at Wharf 4.
  • New fender system at Wharf 4 – two at each concrete dolphin.
  • Two new steel monopile supported walkways installed at Dolphins 5 and 6.

Project Purpose

The Wharves 1 and 2 Replacement project was to improve the functionality of the Port by replacing the wharves with a new similar structure.

To provide safer berthing at the Port, Manson replaced the existing fender system at Wharf 3 and installed a new fender system at Wharf 4. The fenders and dolphins help absorb the impact of a vessel against the wharf and protect the wharf from damage.

Services Provided