Manson Construction

Refurbishment of Berths 4-9

Owner: Freeport Harbour Company
Contract Amount: $12,000,000
Location: Freeport Harbour, Bahamas
Project Duration: 05/2008-10/2009

The purpose of this project was to repair and refurbish Berths 4 through 9 so they would be able to accommodate unloading heavy cargo from large ships, as well as to improve the appearance of the docking facility for the cruise ship industry.

The project involved the underwater repair of voids in the limestone seawall at Berth 4 and the complete demolition and replacement of the Berth 5 seawall. The new Berth 5 seawall was constructed using a combination of steel sheet pile and pipe pile wall with a reinforced concrete cap. The project also involved the construction of a new steel sheet pile wall in front of the existing bulkhead at Berths 6 and 7. This sheet pile wall involved a partial concrete reinforced cap and the area between the new and old sheet pile walls was filled with low strength concrete fill and aggregate materials.