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Code of Ethics

Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Manson is committed to being the best heavy civil marine contractor in our markets. We have always striven and will work to provide construction and dredging services of the highest quality in every project we undertake. Similarly, it is our commitment to work within the highest ethical, business and safety standards as a company, and to ensure that every individual who works for and with the Company does the same.

Manson’s Values Based Ethics program and our Code of Ethics and Business Responsibility are centered on our Vision, Mission and Values. These shared goals and values set the foundation for how we interact with our fellow employees, our customers, the government, and our business partners. We expect that, in the course of doing business, all employees, officers, directors, agents, teammates, vendors, consultants and suppliers of Manson will maintain a high standard of ethical behavior, encourage ethical behavior in others, support ethical decisions and actively seek appropriate resolution to potential ethical conflicts.

Manson Vision, Mission and Values


Manson’s vision is to be the best heavy civil marine and dredging contractor in our markets.


Manson’s mission is to provide high quality construction and dredging projects that contribute to improving the infrastructure of the United States and the world.


To further our vision and mission, we pledge to work hard on a daily basis while adhering to our core values.

Safety: Creating an Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF®) culture through training, communication, work planning, hazard recognition, and accountability

People: Treating our coworkers, clients, and business partners with respect and honesty

Ethics: Practicing the highest standards of conduct at work and in our daily lives

Quality: Committing to doing the job right

Leadership: Leading with respect, professionalism, integrity, fairness, and accountability

Stewardship: Conducting our work in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner

Ethics Hotline

To make an anonymous report of our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct:

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